Don’t Drink the Tea. Think With the WE.


We Party Patriots, creators of the #1u Twitter hashtag, exists to counter and correct the excessive misinformation that is broadcast regarding the rights of the Modern American Worker and the needs of the New American Economy. Our mission is to attract the American public to the information resources necessary to elect candidates who represent the country’s best interests and to encourage the American people to participate in the achievement of policy initiatives that embolden the middle class and those in pursuit of the American dream.

Our comprehensive social media outreach effort was initiated to provide the American public with a bold, accessible and credible source of political, entertainment and cultural content that speaks to and for the Modern American Worker. It is difficult to grasp the evolving story of the New American Economy with an array of dubious, politically-motivated actors clouding the truth. The interests of We Party Patriots are the interests of the people. WE seek to unite, rather than divide. WE believe in competition, not just in business, but in the marketplace of ideas. WE find shared prosperity to be the ultimate achievement.

Daily, we author and publish a broad range of content. We befriend and promote a diverse group of engaged, electronic individuals. We Party Patriots aims to amplify the message of the common man and, in so doing, enhance the policy efforts of those who recognize the need for a resurgence in the Modern American Workforce. Don’t drink the tea. Think with the WE.