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Okla. Commission Finds Preposterous Workers’ Comp “Opt-Out” Law to Be Unconstitutional

Okla. Commission Finds Preposterous Workers' Comp
  Oklahoma state regulators have ruled that a law allowing employers to “opt out” of workers compensation is unconstitutional.  In their ruling, the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission said that the “the alternative workplace-benefit plans that some employers adopted under the law were a water mirage on the highway that...

Opt Out Cop Out: Mackinac Center Walks Back Big Talk After Teachers Stand by Their Union

  The Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s summer-long assault on teachers unions has ended and the results are in: it didn’t do diddly. The Michigan Education Association (MEA) announced that fewer than 5,000 of its members opted out of the union during August.  Michigan’s new found status as a “Right-to-Work” state allowed...

From the Front Lines of Michigan’s Totally Failed Attempt to Get People to Hate Unions

From the Front Lines of Michigan's Totally Failed Attempt to Get People to Hate Unions
  As we have touched on this summer, the anti-union Mackinac Center for Public Policy is asking Michigan teachers to opt-out of their union via misleading spam email and propaganda disguised as journalism.  Most of the details of this unfortunate campaign have been relayed by Eclectablog, which this week highlighted Mackinac’s...