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Reaching Your Goooooal! Canadian Building Trades Point to Germany for Apprenticeship Inspiration

  A panel of stakeholders at the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) recently spoke about European apprentice systems and how getting employers more involved in the training process can positively effect the workforce.   Speaking on the panel was Christopher Smillie of the Canadian Building Trades who described his journey to Germany and the...

Amazon Warehouse Workers Strike Across Germany, Aim to Raise Wages, Safety Standards

  900 German Amazon employees went on strike this morning in Bad Hersfeld, Graben and Leipzig. Another strike is planned for Tuesday in the small German town of Werne.   Christmas rush be damned. Amazon employs roughly 9,000 workers and currently has 14,000 seasonal workers in Germany, the company’s second largest market.  Later today a...

Apprenticeship? In South Carolina?! The Model Used by Germans, Unions Could Save Floundering States

  On Sunday, the New York Times revealed the positive effects the German model of apprenticeship is having in South Carolina. Yes, that South Carolina.   Using Tognum America as an example, the article explains how coordinating with local high schools and technical schools has ensured waves of trained workers while creating much-needed job...

Mayor Gloomberg Opposes a Living Wage, Would Rather Pass the City’s Millions Out Unchecked

Mayor Gloomberg Opposes a Living Wage, Would Rather Pass the City's Millions Out Unchecked
Self-anointed King of the 1%, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is currently trying to defeat the “Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act” that is currently before City Council. This “living wage law” would set wages for any future development act that receives financial assistance of $1 million or higher from the city. If...