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Conservative Missouri Talk Show Host Goes Union with IBEW, Denounces “Right-to-Work”

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A conservative talk show host needs help stabilizing his fledgling television show, so he turns to…unions?  Welcome to Missouri.

Scott Faughn, the former mayor of Poplar Bluff, current host of This Week in Missouri Politics, and self-described “pro-union conservative Republican” made his show a union production at First Rule Broadcasting and staffed it with members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 4.

On his crew is Rob Glessner, who runs the studio and serves as shop steward. He describes his first meeting with Faugh as eye-opening for the host:

“I definitely used the fact that we were a union shop as a benefit.  But once he saw our studios, he realized they were definitely nicer. The union shop was a pretty easy sell.”

Faughn didn’t travel this path as a publicity stunt. Faughn believes in union work because he believes in quality work and the bottom line:

“We understand that labor unions are actually good for business, they really help business so we felt it would be to our benefit to be in a union shop.  Not that I had anything against our former production house, but as a newcomer to the industry, I simply had no idea of what was appropriate and what to expect. When I learned of First Rule from my friend at Pelopidas, I realized their First Rule had real TV pros in their union employees, that they could take our new program concept and make it great. And they have.  I can say without hesitation that Rob and his crew are amazing partners.”

Faughn is staunchly opposed to “Right-to-Work,” the anti-union bill that is perennially introduced and defeated in Missouri. Interestingly, Faughn believes “Right-to-Work” goes against conservative principles:

The right-to-work issue injects more government into the business of business, telling business owners what they can and can’t do. That’s not the Republican value of less government interference with business.

Faughn notes that when “Right-to-Work” is debated, no union companies testify that they want to get rid of their unions. Rather, non-union companies tell the legislature that they want more restrictions on their union competitors, something he finds quite revealing about the true intent of these laws.

Faughn’s show, This Week in Missouri Politics, airs Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. on KDNL Channel 30 following This Week with George Stephanopoulos.


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