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Poll by GOP Firm: 88% of Likely WI Voters Don’t Think “Right-to-Work” Would Benefit Them


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New polling from a firm The New York Times calls “the leading Republican polling company” in the country shows that anti-union legislation such as “Right-to-Work” and prevailing wage repeal are unpopular among likely voters and not seen as a top priority.  The numbers come from Public Opinion Strategies, which asked 600 likely voters about the laws between January 18th and 20th.  Governor Scott Walker and the Republican-led state legislature enjoyed majority support in the poll, but “Right-to-Work” did not:

It is clear that the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites do not believe Right to Work should be a top priority. Only 7% of those polled believed it should be.

Secondly, when asked “would you personally or anyone in your household benefit from passing right to work laws in Wisconsin?,” a stunning 88% answered “No.”

On the issue of the prevailing wage, 62 percent of likely voters support keeping the law as is.  Here is the exact wording of the question and the response:

“As you may know, Wisconsin currently has prevailing wage laws that require companies that receive contracts from state and local government to pay prevailing wages to their private sector employees. Prevailing wages are defined as the hourly wage and benefits paid to workers, laborers, and mechanics within a particular geographic area for a specific type of work. For example, a crane operator in Milwaukee County.”

• Support for prevailing wage laws cuts a broad path across the Wisconsin electorate – 49% of Republicans support the laws along with 64% of the independent voters. Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws enjoy deep and broad support that spans the electorate. In fact, no partisan group tested opposes them.

Governor Walker has publicly stated that he believes “Right-to-Work” would be a distraction from his agenda, although he has not said whether or not he would sign it if it arrived on his desk.  


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