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300 Private Sector Businesses Align Against Potential Wisconsin “Right-to-Work” Law

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As Wisconsin Republicans attempt to build momentum for the formal introduction of “Right-to-Work” legislation, a group representing over 300 private businesses is speaking out against the anti-worker move.  The Wisconsin Contractor Coalition (WCC) announced Monday that it would defeat “Right-to-Work” if it is brought before the legislature. 

Backed by the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 18, which has helped fund and organize previous efforts to stifle “Right-to-Work,” the bipartisan WCC represents construction companies who believe the industry as a whole will be hurt.

Steve Lyons, who will serve as spokesperson for the WCC, explained the group’s mission to the Milwaukee Business Times:

Wisconsin construction companies have a strong partnership with private sector trade groups to build infrastructure that helps our economy grow. WCC believes so-called right-to-work legislation would seriously diminish what is very beneficial for all parties involved,” Lyons said. “We are working with Republicans and Democrats alike to protect this important partnership.”

Lyons believes “Right-to-Work” would undermine rather than envigorate the construction industry:

“So-called right-to-work puts Wisconsin’s historic business model at risk. Construction trade workers come to work ‘job ready’ with all the necessary training; training paid with private money. It’s a winning formula for private sector construction companies that should be maintained.”

Wisconsin Republicans will not only experience resistance to “Right-to-Work” from union groups.  Even staunch anti-worker Gov. Scott Walker has said “Right-to-Work” would be a “distraction” from his proposed agenda.  He has not, however, said he would oppose it.  Some speculate that Walker simple sees “Right-to-Work” as interfering with his attempt to enter the presidential race in 2016.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, on the other hand, has made his position clear.  He pledged to make the legislation a reality days after Wisconsin Right to Work, a group founded by conservative activist Lorri Pickens, was formed.

If and when Republicans move on “Right-to-Work,” the WCC intends to be prepared.  Pat Sink, Business Manager of the IUOE Local 18 said in a statement:

It’s refreshing to see private businesses stand up for workers and reject Right to Work legislation.  This type of legislation will only serve to reduce the quality of life for workers in Wisconsin as well as reduce the quality of workers businesses can hire. It’s a lose-lose scenario.”


One Comment on “300 Private Sector Businesses Align Against Potential Wisconsin “Right-to-Work” Law”

  1. RTW is designed to erase the wage baseline that is trackable or easy to factor. The profits\ cost in non-union shops will raise to the void created by the removal of union baselines now historically established. The non-union contractors have a hard time attracting and holding good reliable workers that can produce at union levels. The non-union contractors know that the consumer \ client will be the loser it the union base line is removed, all to their gain..
    How is it in this great nation can voters praise a veteran of war, tell the vet we owe you everything, then turn around and behind their backs legislate WTW in a long term effort to lower the vet’s right and ability to work under a collective bargain agreement.
    Please explain to me how the contracts business work under are morally superior to the contracts we the voters, and the children of the men who free this nation work under.
    D Dailey
    union conservative
    Grace is the key

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