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REPORT: Nuclear Energy Not Only Vital to Clean Energy, It’s a Massive Job Creator

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The Nuclear Energy Institute has issued a report, “The Impact of Exelon’s Nuclear Fleet on the Illinois Economy,” which details the economic benefits provided by existing nuclear power plants.  Among the report’s key findings are the sustaining of 28,000 jobs and $8.9 billion in the state of Illinois alone, according to a Nuclear Matters news release.  Exelon’s facilities provide state and local governments with nearly $290 million and the federal government with $1.1 billion in tax revenue annually.  

Former Senator and Nuclear Matters co-chair Evan Bayh (D-IN) commented on the report:

“NEI’s report clearly illustrates the important benefits that America’s existing nuclear facilities, including the ones in Illinois, provide.  The findings speak for themselves: in Illinois, the state’s nuclear operations are responsible for 28,000 direct and indirect jobs, along with $8.9 billion in economic output.  Illinois’ nuclear facilities are also responsible for producing about 90 percent of the state’s carbon-free electricity.  These contributions are incredibly valuable.”

His fellow co-chair, Former New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, added:

“The analysis also reminds us of the very real impact that premature nuclear shutdowns can have, highlighting how the closure of Wisconsin’s Kewaunee plant cost its host county 15 percent of its jobs and 30 percent of its tax revenue.  Another plant, Vermont Yankee, is also set to close soon, a move that will have similarly unfortunate results for that state.  The bottom line is that we must do everything we can to keep America’s existing nuclear energy facilities operating.  Further premature closures would jeopardize the benefits our existing nuclear energy plants provide in the form of reliable, carbon-free energy, as well as jobs and economic growth.”

The report contends that nuclear energy is an undervalued component of America’s clean energy strategy. Peruse it in its entirety.


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