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Teachers in 44 MI Districts Receive Anti-Union Communication Via Public School Email

Mackinac Center

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Emails uncovered by Eclectablog show that the anti-union Mackinac Center is using public school email systems to encourage teachers in Michigan to opt out of their union.  

As of his last update, teachers in 44 school districts across the state reported receiving the email.  The teachers’ email addresses were obtained by the Mackinac Center via Freedom of Information Act requests.  They feature a note from Peter Boyd, a science teacher in the Martin school district, claiming that he resigned from the Michigan Education Association (MEA) last August and encourages others to do so during this one month “window” in which members can resign.  

The email directs you to a website,, which has testimonials and signup forms as well as a calculator to see “how much opting out could save you.”

The depth of the Mackinac Center’s anti-union influence is explained by Eclectablog:

The irony of this is that the MEA itself is not allowed in many school districts to use the public school email system to conduct union business and they may not use any school’s email system if the topic is considered “political”. And, thanks to legislation pushed by the Mackinac Center itself, they are not allowed to deduct union dues from teachers’ paychecks as was once permitted because it is a “use of public resources.” Still, this hasn’t stopped the Mackinac Center from using this same email system for its own anti-union political propaganda. They are apparently furious that only about 1% of MEA members didn’t remain members after Right to Work legislation passed.

MEA members are allowed to end their membership once per year in August according to long-established union bylaws, another point that infuriates anti-union groups in Michigan.

Apparently this use of school resources is fine with the Mackinac Center since it is working to damage the union.

To read the email in its entirety visit Eclectablog and follow him on Twitter (@Eclectablog).


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