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SC Gov. Haley: I Wear High Heels In Order to Kick Unions, “And We’ll Continue to Kick Them.”

Just shoot them already!

Just shoot them already!

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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s feelings toward unions are already public knowledge: she hates them. Still, she feels the need to use rather, um, colorful language to make sure everybody knows just how anti-worker her stance is.

“You’ve heard me say many times I wear heels. It’s not for a fashion statement,” she said. “It’s because we’re kicking them every day, and we’ll continue to kick them.”

Yes, she’s talking about labor unions, those pesky, age-old organizations which are PROTECTED BY UNITED STATES LAW.

No matter.

Here’s video from the Detroit Free Press:

The state which has welcomed union-busting companies such as Boeing with open arms apparently would not allow new jobs to be created if they were going to be union jobs, an ideology that explains the impoverished nature of South Carolina’s economy despite dropping unemployment numbers. Speaking to the media, Haley said:

“It’s not something we want to see happen.  We discourage any companies that have unions from wanting to come to South Carolina because we don’t want to taint the water.”

Haley warned of the dangers of unions while speaking to a conference predominantly made up of auto executives.  Making unions seem like the devilish minions of a boogeyman from a 50’s sci-fi movie, Haley said:

“They’re coming into South Carolina. They’re trying,” Haley warned. “We’re hearing it. The good news is it’s not working.”

Haley says she will keep fighting union penetration. This is a really good use of her energy considering a paltry 3.7% of South Carolinians are unionized.

No wonder she’s a Tea Party favorite.  You want to help employ people in my state?  Make sure you pay them poorly.

Her Democratic opponent in the gubernatorial race, State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, supports “Right-to-Work” but told the media the state should have a more cordial tone with companies seeking to relocate.  He told the Greenville News that he believes workers should have the right to decide to join a union, but ideology should not stand in the way of economic growth.

“I also think that if Ford Motor Co. wanted to bring 10,000 jobs to South Carolina, we would welcome them with open arms,” Sheheen said.

“We need good, high-paying jobs in South Carolina,” he said. “Part of leadership is putting ideology and partisanship to the side when there’s something that could be good for South Carolina.”

An interesting take on Haley and her legacy comes from Detroit Free Press writer Stephen Henderson, who notes that while unemployment has dropped under Haley, poverty has risen:

South Carolina touts its virtually tax-free, incentive-laden environment at its Department of Commerce website. No state income tax or property taxes. No sales tax on business equipment, and a flat 5% business tax. Credits exist in the form of everything from enterprise zones to job development. The Tax Foundation says South Carolina has the 10th lowest tax burden, and Forbes rates its business climate 22nd.

Despite all that, South Carolina’s median income is still in the bottom 10 nationally, and it’s among nationwide leaders for overall poverty, child poverty and the number of people without health insurance. (South Carolina was also among the states that refused to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which would have provided insurance for more than 350,000 people who have no coverage right now.)

South Carolina has a “booming” auto industry, led by the BMW plant in Spartanburg, which opened in 1994. The state also enjoys a healthy network of suppliers like Michelin and Bosch, and has been able to attract Daimler trucks and some Honda manufacturing.

The state’s unemployment rate has dropped nearly 4 percentage points since 2010.

But South Carolina is still a place where poverty has been getting worse, even after the deep recession. Since 2011, the number of residents living in poverty has grown by 100,000.

It’s far too simple to say South Carolina’s struggles are solely about its nonunion workplaces.

But I believe that’s part of the issue — the suppression of wages and benefits that attends modern job growth, and the race among states to attract employers at any cost.

In response to Haley’s comments, South Carolina AFL-CIO President Erin McKee questioned how the governor could truly represent her constituents given her bias:

South Carolinians “have the right to have good jobs, and if those are union jobs, they’re union jobs,” McKee said. “And to keep jobs from coming here because they’re union, I don’t think she’s representing the people.”


8 Comments on “SC Gov. Haley: I Wear High Heels In Order to Kick Unions, “And We’ll Continue to Kick Them.””

  1. You’re a RAT, Nikki Haley. A big, stinking, filthy, disease-infested, high-heel wearing RAT.

  2. Hey Haley KISS OFF!!!!!

  3. Get a life!

  4. Keep kicking, psycho. Maybe one day someone will grab your ankle and break your fascist neck.

  5. Nikki Haley sets women back 200 yrs with a statement like than - she reinforces the Republican’s War on Women. Haley is just a token for the Republican party and she is doing anything she can to get attention.

  6. More proof that our politicians need to be drug tested.

  7. Has anyone thought to if Unions are so bad why are corporations, Chamber of Commerce and all there billinaire friends spending Billions of dollars to keep out Unions pay out big campain contributions put political officials into office who are against any kind of organized labor and or improve any labor laws that help the working middle class, working poor, and poor! Why is it ok for Ceo’s to have contracts, Lawyers to have Corp contracts heck the chamber of commerce is a business union in which companies have to pay dues to, to be a member of but if a working man or woman wants a contrat to protect their rights as a worker it’s bad. Because in a Right to work state you have only 4 things that a company can not use to fire or hire you over and that is your age,race,religious beliefs or your sex. And if you do not believe me call your local NLRB…….toast

  8. Really needs to take a union coarse on gun handling and safety. And love to see videos of her pop in off a few rounds in those “union kicking high heels.”

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