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At World Economic Forum, Apprenticeship, Broadening Career Paths for Women are Touted


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Speaking on a panel at the World Economic Forum, Guy Ryder, Director General of the International Labour Organization, said that apprenticeships could be the key to changing the unemployment crisis facing young people.  Manufacturing jobs are making a comeback in countries where they were believed to be going extinct, but many young people are struggling to achieve the skill set necessary to take advantage of the new jobs.  Just as when manufacturing was a staple of the British and American economies, apprenticeships are needed to prepare this sector of the workforce, Ryder tells the New York Times:

“You wonder why my generation was not in manufacturing,” Mr. Ryder said. “We were told those were jobs of the past. A bit of a reset is coming up.”

With young people struggling to find work and the value of a college education going down, technical training programs and apprenticeships must be given priority in order to properly prepare the next generation.  Apprenticeship programs can also have a hand in diversifying the workforce and bucking stereotypes about who should do what work:

Klaus C. Kleinfeld, chairman and chief executive of the aluminum maker Alcoa, said the company was working with a program in Whitehall, Mich., to encourage girls to pursue careers related to science, technology, engineering or mathematics. That includes “modern” manufacturing, he said.

“They think it’s a dirty job, a repetitive job,” he said. “It is not dirty at all, not repetitive at all. There are a lot of opportunities for advancement.”

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