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South Carolina Boeing Plant Worker: “Boeing Got What It Paid For. Cheap Labor Equals Poor Product.”

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At the end of the summer, we published a piece updating readers on the drama surrounding Boeing’s move of its 787 Dreamliner plant from worker-friendly Washington state to anti-worker bastion South Carolina. The post explained that the company could no longer meet production demand and generated polarized comments, all of which exhibited intense passion for the subject.

But none were as striking to read as the latest from a worker on the actual line at the South Carolina plant where Boeing chose to move. It reveals the brutal reality of working for a company which cares not for its workers or, in this case, its product. It appears in its entirety, unedited, below:

I work on the flight line at Boeing SC and the talent on the flight line is already leaving bc of the pay. There is some talent in the factory but the management is trying to get to rate of 3 planes a month and sends out unfinished aircraft to the flight line and we are reworking and doing factory work first before the flight line can begin their jobs. Most the companies skilled talent on the flight line is from other parts of the country and will leave bc they have no incentive to stay. They will go back home for less money to be at home. So they need to pay much better for us to stay there. Also they micro manage, Over work us and underpay us. An union would not hurt bc they would create better organization which is absolutely NONE there. Help to stop the micro managing which hurts moral. And pay us better which is about $8-10 underpaid for that type & size of aircraft. So whoever said its so great there is a fool. They would not last a week on the flight line with the pressure of the whole Boeing SC site on their back. Only getting 3 or 4 days off a month trying to save this company from their own stupidity. So our families suffer bc of it. Boeing got what it paid for. Cheap labor equals poor product. When Washington has delivered over 30 planes since the battery grounding and Boeing SC has delivered ONLY 6 planes. Then there is a major talent problem and a management problem too. And I work with some NASA guys too and some aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. This isn’t a space shuttle. Its a 787 aircraft. Two totally different types of things. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. That’s my $.30 worth. That was my raise this year. So there is an idea of what the pay is like. The reason you can not get a good hamburger in Charleston anymore is bc they work for Boeing SC now. Catch you on the flip side.


One Comment on “South Carolina Boeing Plant Worker: “Boeing Got What It Paid For. Cheap Labor Equals Poor Product.””

  1. That’s strange…..Our Boeing media tells us that they’re doing just great down there in South Carolina.Why am I hearing so different from you? You’ve got all those highly aviation qualified retirees from Pope ,Ft. Bragg, Mytrtle Beach and so-on who have years of experience. Also you have the cotton-pickers and
    tobacco workers from the fields. “Three weeks ago I coutin neven spell aeerieplain and now I’m a- biltn num! Giterdun!

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