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NC Bans PLA Requirements, Bolsters Reputation as Leader in Anti-Worker Action

"My hatred of workers is THIS big."

“My hatred of workers is THIS big.”

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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed into law House Bill 110 which will prohibit government entities from requiring Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on publicly funded construction projects.  

The bill was lobbied for vehemently by the anti-union Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC). Typically, wherever an anti-PLA bill exists the ABC is present.  In June, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a similar bill into law.  

North Carolina becomes the 18th state to ban Project Labor Agreements. In their company are some of the most anti-worker states in the nation (which also happen to have some of the worst economies): Georgia, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee to name a few.  

Celebrating the anti-union victory, ABC Carolinas Chapter President and CEO Doug Carlson said:

“This new law will ensure that public construction contracts will be awarded to firms that provide taxpayers the best construction at the best price.  There is no question that construction labor union bosses in other states are using these types of mandates to steer public construction projects to contractors who are willing to accept their onerous demands and this new law will protect North Carolina fro this kind of abuse.”

House Bill 110 passed the Senate 44-2 and the House 108-2, not surprising considering the far right make up of the legislature.  This extremist agenda, however, has left the new governor in the immediate doghouse just six months into his term.  

The ABC’s anti-PLA lobbying efforts know no end. An Obama administration Executive Order encouraging federal agencies to require PLA on large projects exacerbated the group’s anti-worker efforts.  

At the time of the EO, Jared Berstein, an Obama administration economist, promoted PLAs by saying they “can provide structure and stability to large construction projects. PLAs also help ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing workplace safety and health, equal employment opportunity and labor and employment standards.”

For more on the positive impact of PLAs (and the negative impact of their absence), browse related articles on We Party Patriots.


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