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USA Today’s List of the 8 Companies that Most Owe Their Workers a Raise Will Piss You Off

USA Today has put together a list of the 8 companies that most owe their workers a raise. The list was determined based on actual numbers not anger, sympathy or any other completely reasonable thing to feel in the face of rampant income inequality.

Authors Douglas McIntyre and Samuel Weigley argue that the lowest paid workers at large companies such as McDonald’s are collectively the true faces of these brands. They parse Capital IQ research of Standard & Poor’s 500 companies to determine which corporations have had the highest net income, high net profit margins, and major one-year growth in net income while keeping their lowest paid employees wages stagnant.

To quote Peter Gibbons from the famous workers rights advocacy film, Office Space, “You see, it’s a matter of incentive.” Do these companies owe anyone a raise based on anything other than morals and ethics? Not really. Would it be a good business strategy to reward those who interact with customers and represent the brand? Not probably. Definitely.

Here is McIntyre and Weigley’s list: Comcast, Disney, McDonald’s, AT&T, Yum!, DirecTV, Public Storage and Time Warner Cable.

Not surprisingly, several of these entities appear on the list of companies with the most low-wage workers.

Click through to USA Today for details of the analysis.


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