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California’s SB 776 Moves to Assembly, Aims to Bring Non-Union Contractors into Labor Management Cooperation Act Compliance

Last week, the California State Senate approved Senate Bill 776 which will prevent non-union contractors from taking money out of workers’ paychecks to fund sham labor compliance committees. The bill was sponsored by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California (SBCTC) and was approved by a 24-10 margin. All 23 Democratic Senators voted in favor of the bill along with Republican Senator Anthony Cannella. The bill now moves to the state assembly.

SBCTC explains the problem:

Contractors on public works projects are obligated to pay their employees the prevailing wage for the craft and locality in which the work is performed. A portion of that obligation can be satisfied by paying fringe benefits, which include payments to “monitor and enforce” worker protection laws. In the case of union contractors, those payments are made to joint labor management compliance committees in which workers have a voice…

But ABC and the anti-union crowd put their workers’ money into so-called “labor compliance” committees that have no worker participation at all in setting them up, running them cooperatively, or even using them to ensure labor compliance. Instead, they work to advance the employer’s anti-worker agenda. In effect, workers’ dollars are being taken to be used against their best interests.

The goal of SB776, then, is to “guarantee that workers have a say in how their own money is used on their behalf.” It makes everyone comply with the same standards set forth by the Joint Labor Management Cooperation Act of 1978. In other words, in a post-SB 776 world both union and non-union contractors must pay into the same programs and follow the same standards.


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