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Baseball Phenom Bryce Harper Credits Union Ironworker Father With His Limitless Work Ethic

Nurture versus Nature. It is the age-old philosophical question of human development that has been asked of countless people who display out of the ordinary physical ability, moral positions or social proclivities. Were you born that way? Or were you taught to be that way?

Any baseball fan who has had the pleasure of watching Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper has had to ask themselves this very question. Did Bryce Harper emerge from his mother’s womb with “God-given talent” or did he simply outwork every other baseball player of the last century to become the most promising 20-year old since Ty Cobb?

In a recent interview with Harper helps us answer the unanswerable. He does so through the lens of his father, a union Ironworker whom Harper credits with his outrageous work ethic. Nurture it is, then:

As the younger Harper explains, watching his father work is what inspired him to become the machine he is today.  Harper’s father describes waking up at 3AM to start his day and how it provided a positive example for his son. “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” he says.

For Bryce, the sky is the limit. His reputation as a good person is icing on the sure-to-be perennial all-star cake. In many ways he represents the union mantra of brotherhood and hard work above all else. He knows that no matter how talented you are, baseball is a team sport and helping out your teammates is more important than trying to do it all yourself.

With 9 home runs, Harper is currently tied for second in the Major Leagues.


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