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Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Jail Any Legislator Who Proposes an Anti-Union Bill

Jeff Roorda with his family

Here’s a fun one. A bit of a legislative urinating match but a fun one nonetheless.

A Missouri legislator has responded to a bill from Rep. Mike Leara that would jail lawmakers who propose gun control bills by introducing a bill that would jail anti-union legislators:

A Missouri House Democrat’s plan would send colleagues to prison for proposing legislation limiting collective bargaining rights.

Representative Jeff Roorda, of Barnhart, introduced the bill Friday in response to a Republican House member’s proposal to jail lawmakers for introducing gun control measures.

Roorda says he was “inspired” by the GOP approach to protecting gun rights and he wants to do the same for unions. Rep. Mike Leara, of St. Louis County, is sponsoring the bill banning gun-control legislation.

Both measures would give lawmakers prison terms of up to four years for proposing gun restrictions or anti-union bills.

Roorda’s bill may be purely symbolic (read: far-fetched), but it comes in response to 1) the Missouri GOP pursuing paycheck deception legislation that would prevent union dues from being used in the political process; 2) the Missouri GOP Industrial Complex threatening “Right-to-Work”; and 3) talks of prevailing wage abolition.


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