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MI “Right-to-Work” DAY1: Dems Stave off Zombie Law By, Get This, Following the State Constitution

UAW Pres. Bob King at the MI Capitol on 12/5/12 (via Battle Creek Enquirer)

In Michigan, “Right-to-Work” — the anti-worker law that has already left 23 states with crap education systems and zero workers’ rights among other sadnesses — was shot like a canon into the Capitol when the Governor and the Chamber of Commerce changed their positions on the matter in the past week.

Without hesitation, GOPers in the legislature yesterday moved to bring the legislation to the floor. What they were met with was rapid mobilization against the zombie law (it never dies!) by union members and other people who care about the future of Michigan.

Look like Wisconsin to you, too?

Also present were elected Democrats who employed an interesting tactic in beating back “Right-to-Work” on day one: they adhered to the state’s constitution.

The Senate adjourned shortly after 6 p.m. after an hour of laboriously reading in bills as demanded by Democrats as a way to slow down Republicans’ rush to push through right-to-work legislation.

No right-to-work legislation was introduced Wednesday and Democrats are expected to use the same tactic Thursday.

Dems used the tactic at about 5 p.m. amid loud protests from outside the chamber by angry union members opposed to banning union shops in Michigan where workers have to pay union dues to be employed. State Police beefed up their visibility at the Capitol on Wednesday in anticipation of union unrest.

“The constitution requires the bills be read three times and we often suspend that requirement as a courtesy,” said Democratic Sen. Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor. “We have asked that the bills be read in full because these are important issues. We want people to slow down and pay attention.”

United Auto Workers (UAW) President Bob King was on hand for the first day of protest. The UAW, with a major stake in the outcome of the pending “Right-to-Work” fight, is expected to be a leader in opposition efforts.


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