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Colbert on Meet the Press: There Is a “Politico Industrial Complex”

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert was a guest on Meet the Press this weekend. He used his witty brand of satire to comment on the Presidential race.

Claiming that Mitt Romney’s recent post-debate surge in the polls has put the Republican Presidential candidate “on a rocket ride to plausible,” Colbert discusses his role as a satirist and how it relates to modern political discussion.

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Speaking about his experiences with his Presidential Exploratory Committee and SuperPAC, Colbert claims there is a “politico industrial complex” that reigns over a nation currently built around making money by abusing the fact that there is no line between corporate interests and political interests.

This in-depth interview may be the most enlightening look into politics you will see this week (or, this election). On his role as a comedian in informing the public about politics, Colbert makes a medicinal metaphor:

“Comedy just helps an idea go down, that’s all. It just makes you listen for a minute.”


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