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Introducing HeadCount’s Gorgeous “Student ID Voter Requirements” Map

Yesterday marked the voter registration deadline in 14 states. With new Voter ID restrictions flowing through state legislatures, being overturned at various court levels, and then being counter-sued for by Right-wingers, the idea of what constitutes one’s legal right to vote has never been a cloudier question.

Among the many first time voters and likely Obama supporters are millions of college students. Less likely is the chance that any given student in any given state will know if their student ID is sufficient to be counted in this year’s election. The above map, via HeadCount (click for larger map), gives a complete layout of state-by-state student ID rules vis-a-vis voting. Also available at HeadCount is a map showing other Voter ID requirements for each state.

Whether or not you think oppressive new Voter ID laws are oppressive (obviously we do), it’s imperative to understand the rules of your municipality before ducking out of work or class to stand on the long line toward an Obama victory.

Hate lines? Check out absentee ballot deadlines and guidelines on LongDistanceVoter.


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