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Former Union President, Prevailing Wage Supporter Making Run at CT State Senate Seat

Look, if we’re gonna report every single Tom, Dick and Crazy that the Tea Party runs up the legislative totem, we sure as shoot better tell you when a true friend of labor has a shot at taking a seat from an anti-worker operative:

How voters in the state’s 19th Senate District perceive Rep. Chris Coutu’s lone vote against the massive jobs bill approved by the General Assembly last October could go a long way in determining whether Coutu or his opponent, Sprague First Selectwoman Cathy Osten, will be representing that district come next year.

Let’s check the broad implications at the door and get down to the good stuff. LABOR RIGHTS.

While Osten has shown she can control a budget as first selectwoman of Sprague, she is at heart an unapologetic progressive. Osten is a former president of the supervisors’ union for state prison guards and a strong defender of labor rights. She supports the Prevailing Wage Law, which requires the state, towns and cities to pay union-scale wages on most every construction project, but which she argues assures quality construction and living-wage paychecks. Osten backs the move to provide personnel care-givers the authority to unionize as a way of raising their compensation and benefits.

There it is. Short and sweet. A platform to root for. Keep an eye on this one…


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  1. Don’t forget David Roche

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