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MAHER: “Election time used to mean get out the vote, now it means ‘you want to vote? Get out!’”

The frequently controversial, frequently brilliant Bill Maher recently dug into the motivations behind the GOP’s national voter suppression agenda. In the wake of a Pennsylvania Judge declaring that state’s voter ID law constitutional, the topic continues to inch toward the forefront of political discussion.

Maher’s response to Voter ID i.e. Voter Suppression is condensed into 90 seconds below and makes an excellent argument against this solution in search of a problem:

The 24-hour news cycle and a pervasive hyper-partisan publication approach have left much of the meat of political discourse for non-traditional ‘newspeople’ to tackle, according to Egberto Willies, who edited the clip for his website:

I’ve been convinced for a long time that the hands of our media are tied and that they are unable to be the unbiased dispensers of factual information to the citizenry. We are left with satirists and comedians like Bill Maher to break down issues into bite sizes for consumption for many that have tire of being spun.


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