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Fox News “Expert” Says Giving Women the Right to Vote Was “One of the Greatest Mistakes America Made”

On Fox News, Kristin Powers waits impatiently for Rev. Peterson to go up in flames.

Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Tea Party activist and founder of the conservative religious group, Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND), has some ideas on where things went wrong with America and they seem to be centered around the 19th amendment. Yes, that 19th amendment.

According to Rev. Peterson, the problem is that we let women vote.

In a sermon titled “Exploring Your destiny w/ Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: how women are building a shameless society,” posted by BOND on YouTube, Peterson explains that he believes, “Women simply can’t handle “anything,” and that, in his experience, “You walk up to them with a issue, they freak out right away. They go nuts. They get mad. They get upset, just like that. They have no patience because it’s not in their nature. They don’t have love. They don’t have love.”

At 8:30 in the sermon, Peterson says:

“I think that one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote,” Peterson says. “We should’ve never turned this over to women. And these women are voting in the wrong people. They’re voting in people who are evil who agrees with them who’re gonna take us down this pathway of destruction.”

“And this probably was the reason they didn’t allow women to vote when men were men. Because men in the good old days understood the nature of the woman,” he adds. “They were not afraid to deal with it. And they understood that, you let them take over, this is what would happen.”

The news that a radical Pastor is saying crazed, maniacal, chauvinist things is not entirely surprising in this country/world, but what is discouraging is that Peterson is a frequent guest on Fox News and has appeared on the channel since the sermon was published. Female Fox News employees, such as Kirsten Powers, have objected to this to no avail. Powers actually confronted Peterson on a recent appearance accusing him of, “using God’s word to teach misogyny.” Powers, who unsuccessfully asked power-loser Sean Hannity to rebuff Peterson, was told by the Pastor and alleged “expert”:

“I don’t know if you noticed or not, but the liberal Democrat womens are calling themselves whores,” Peterson replied. “They came out with their so called group of women who are within the Democrat party, and they are admitting that they’re whores and they are saying that they are proud of it. I’m okay with that, I just don’t want to pay for it.”

“I have a responsibility to tell the truth,” he added “You’re on the side of lies. Why shouldn’t I be on the side of truth? And it’s the truth that’s gonna make us free. Somebody gotta tell the truth, so I’m going to tell the truth.”

The truth is that someone who uses the faux-plural “womens” and has openly called for Blacks to be put back on plantations can only be considered an expert in hatemongering drivel.

Welcome to 2012, I guess.


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