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Ann Romney Wins Ms. Out of Touch Pageant Wearing $1000 T-Shirt on CBS

One of the things about Michelle Obama’s style that made her a fashion icon in 2008 was that she wore affordable clothing well. She, like many women across the country, was looking good on a budget. Sure, once in office the top designers in the world came crawling out of the Italian woodwork to shower her with show pieces for International galas, but on the road to the White House she was ultimately relatable.

Relatability is a word that is thrown around the Romney campaign a lot — perhaps comically in our view — to describe the difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. But the detached Romney is viewed as out of touch in many circles and his wife, Ann, hasn’t been helping by dropping infamous quote bombs such as saying she “doesn’t even consider herself wealthy.” In that case, Lord, let me meet a woman who does!

But, Ms. Out of Touch USA took things to a newly public height last week when she went on CBS This Morning in a bird print, Reed Krakoff T-shirt that fashionistas later pointed out cost $990.

Do your double take. A THOUSAND DOLLAR T-SHIRT.

We don’t need Politifact to confirm that most American women clipping coupons and working hard at their jobs are skipping the Reed Krakoff online store. Fashion experts at New York Magazine weighed in on the tee while giving the benefit of the doubt to the Romneys:

That is one seriously overpriced top! Let’s just hope she wears it more than once (like, say, 990 times), so the cost-per-wear is a bit more reasonable. On second thought, did she buy it or was it a gift? Designers and brands have donated a lot of money to the Romney campaign, so non-monetary gifts could have been thrown in there, too.

We all know you have to look the part, but you also have to stay on message. It’s hard to talk about knowing the pains of the working man when your wife is appearing in thousand dollar tees saying she doesn’t feel wealthy. While we shouldn’t think less of Romney for his success, it’s hard to let go the strange forced relatibility the Romney’s are trying to portray to America.


One Comment on “Ann Romney Wins Ms. Out of Touch Pageant Wearing $1000 T-Shirt on CBS”

  1. You have to be kidding…Michelle Obama wearing affordable clothes! Did you forget the LANVIN SNEAKERS that costs us..oops I mean her $540! Oh and yea the KATIE DECKER diamond bangles she wore that retail for a mear $42,000! Get Real! Just because she wore a few GAP cardigans does not mean she was an “affordable fashion” Icon.

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