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Town Where Charles and David Koch Went to High School Passes Anti-Citizens United Resolution

Voters in the town of Deerfield, Massachusetts passed a resolution this week calling for their local Congressman to support a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United vs. FEC, the 2010 legal case that gave more power to the theory of “corporate personhood” and has allowed the political process of the past two years to be overrun by corporate money. In Massachusetts, anti-Citizens United measures have now been passed by voters in 28 towns.

Of particular intrigue is that Deerfield is the home of Deerfield Academy, where Charles and David Koch (two of Citizens United’s chief underwriters) went before attending MIT. The Koch Brothers massive media misinformation ads that are allowed due to the Citizens United outcome have been a driving force in people working so hard to battle the “law.”

The resolution was voted on during a two-day town budget meeting. According to the Deerfield Gazette, only a handful of the 50 residents in attendance voted against the resolution. There is a growing movement across the country for town and city councils to pass such amendments. What began in cities like Boulder, Colorado, Missoula, Montana, and Madison, Wisconsin is now spreading through the Northeast.

Much of the original organizing was done by Move To Amend whose success in New England will be followed by a Move to Amend Barnstorming Tour through Western states such as WA, ID, MT, CO, and UT.

In April, Vermont became the first state legislature to propose such an amendment to their state constitution, taking it a step farther in banning the concept of corporate personhood.


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