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HYPOCRISY ALERT: Video Shows Scott Walker Saying He Won’t Cut State Aid to Schools

Uppity Wisconsin’s Jed Lounsbery, one of Wisconsin’s most integral bloggers, has uncovered video of a pre-election Scott Walker promising to keep state aid to schools in tact. As if we needed one, this delivers yet another example of the hypocrisy of Walker, who faces recall election in June, and his inability to stand by his word.

From the interview on Here and Now with Frederica Freyberg, via UppityWis:

First Walker mocks former Governor Doyle for calling himself the “pro-education” governor when he cut hundreds of millions out of public education:

Freyberg: How do you avoid steep cuts in education?  Obviously the biggest piece of the state budget…

Walker: Well, and ironically, the governor, Jim Doyle, who called himself the pro-education governor cut hundreds of millions out of public education.

Then Walker discusses how he would allow school districts to buy into the state insurance plan and reinstate the “QEO” or the Qualified Economic Offer, which existed between 1993 and 2009 and allowed school districts the option of automatically renewing the existing union contract if they agreed to increase total compensation (salary + benefits) by 3.8% per year:

Walker: For me, its not about pouring more money in, its allowing schools school districts at the local level to better spend the money they have, giving them back reasonable caps on wage and benefit compensation for school district employees, making sure there are no more state mandates that are unfunded or under-funded and pulling back on those that are there.

Freyberg then follows-up and asks Walker if that will prevent cuts to public education:

Freyberg: Does that prevent cuts, in your mind, to public education?

Walker: Well, I think it allows us to keep on track… the key for us, you know there are costs to continue and many school districts will point to that, but I think that allows us to keep intact the commitment the state has made to public education all across the state of Wisconsin.

But since the election, as the video shows Brian Williams saying, Walker has cut more from education per pupil than any other Governor, a whopping $1.85 billion.

Read more in Wisconsin’s cuts to school aid steepest of 24 states studied.


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