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Eight Indiana Republicans Targeted for May Primary by Republican Construction Workers’ Alliance

Quoting Ronald Regan in saying that, “Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost,” pro-labor Republicans have announced that they are taking on those who backed Indiana’s “Right-to-Work” bill in the upcoming May primary. The group, known as the Lunch Pail Republicans, believes that “Right-to-Work” laws are an attack on American freedom. They are looking to regain labor’s voice in the Indiana legislature.

They have announced eight challengers for the May primary. These candidates will take on some of the bigger names in the Indiana GOP and some newcomers who surfed the Tea Party wave to power in 2010:

A list of candidates obtained by The Associated Press Thursday shows some candidates, such as high school teacher Diana Boersma, are taking on powerful House members, such as Rep. Douglas Gutwein of Francesville. Others, such as Randy Conner and Jon D. Hare, are challenging freshmen legislators elected in 2010′s Republican sweep.

Gov. Mitch Daniels signed right-to-work legislation into law last week over the objections of Democrats and union members. A handful of House Republicans running for re-election in union-heavy districts like northwest Indiana voted against the measure.

“It’s an open process and most likely the House Republican caucus is going to support incumbents that have been on our team,” said Mike Gentry, senior political strategist for the House Republican Campaign Committee.

He noted that incumbents such as House education Chairman Bob Behning, R-Indianapolis, will have a strong fundraising edge is expensive media markets, while freshmen such as Rep. Timothy Wesco, R-Osceola, should do fine if they campaign as hard as they did last year.

Gentry left open the door to supporting Lunchpail Republicans running in newly-created districts following last year’s redistricting.

Indiana became the 23rd state to enact “Right-to-Work” legislation. A challenge of the law is being considered.


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