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God Bless the GOP (‘s Attacks on Mitt Romney)

The Internet has recently been flooded with videos and accounts of Willard “Mitt” Romney’s exploits as the CEO of Bain Capital. The reality of the actions of Bain — and where they fit in the definition of moral free enterprise — have tarnished Romney’s reputation as a “job creator” and made him out to be a money-hungry, shop-crushing pocket-filler.

There. We said it, too.

The videos — especially Newt Gingrich’s latest, “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” — show Romney as a Wall Street figure cut from the Michael Douglas cloth, pushing an agenda of “creative destruction.” Filled with quotes like, “Making profit, that’s the name of the game right?,” the 25-minute (sadly unembeddable) take down is an eye-opening look into the past of the man who wants to take over our country during a time of economic turmoil.

The stories featured in the mini-documentary, of American workers with upturned lives in small towns, are downright disheartening. Though President Obama is not without fault, it is difficult to imagine him tearing apart the lives of thousands and thousands of people, let alone amassing a fortune like Romney’s; a fortune that would make Romney the richest candidate in decades if elected.

Call me crazy, but at this point in our history, a former community organizer seems a better fit for the Oval Office than a former community destroyer.

Another video (hat-tip @TeamsterNation for posting), “Does Mitt Romney Care About Jobs or Just Money?” tells a similar tale, of people displaced from their jobs after Bain Capital came to town.

Still, we aren’t simply seeing disenchanted workers highlight the danger of Romney’s private sector record. Republican candidates have been taking shots at Romney all the same, something that has the Republican National Committee desperate for intra-party peacekeeping.

Moderate Republican Jon Huntsman has attempted to shift focus, calling out Romney’s record as Governor instead of CEO:

Jon Huntsman thinks his Republican rivals should cut out their attacks on Bain Capital and attack his record as governor of Massachusetts instead.

Asked at a media availability after a town hall at the University of South Carolina in Columbia Wednesday afternoon if it is time for other Republican rivals to “cool it” when it comes to attacking Romney, Huntsman said, “Yes, it is. Well, if you have creative destruction in capitalism — which has always been a part of capitalism — it becomes a little disingenuous to take on Bain Capital.”

The truth is not Mitt Romney’s friend, corporations are. He does not represent the average American and has never made much of a case to the contrary. His true colors are beginning to show, thanks in part to his GOP counterparts. Then again, with every other liberal on the Internet taking issue with President Obama over one issue or another, this kind of home team scrutiny may be achieving little more than balancing the scales of malcontent.


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