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Job Tracker: REDUX

The American worker is under assault and corporations are leading the charge. A decade of unchecked corporate outsourcing and disregard for worker safety has left the workforce vulnerable and incapacitated. The American public must demand that those violating the good faith between workers and owners be held accountable. For this to happen workers must stay informed and Working America has created a tool to assist those with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge: Job Tracker.

By creating a platform for finding out what companies have exported jobs overseas, violated health and safety codes, or engaged in discriminatory and other illegal practices, Working America’s Job Tracker is an empowering tool for those looking to expose corporate misbehavior. And it has recently received an upgrade.

By simply typing in your zip code you can find out what companies in your area are ignoring federal safety policies, violating child labor laws, neglecting overtime policies, and violating the Fair labor Standards Act.



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