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BELIEVE IT: Union Backed Republican Wins New Hampshire Special Election

The voters of New Hampshire have rejected the “Right-to-Work” agenda of their current Republican majority legislature and House Speaker by electing four union backed candidates in special elections this year. The candidates, three Democrats and one Republican, all hope to change the tide of New Hampshire politics which has seen a Scott Walker-type takeover by Speaker O’Brien since the 2010 election. The latest candidate to win, Peter Leishman, won the moderate Republican bastion of Hillsborough County showing only the extreme Right of the party has interests in implementing an anti-worker agenda.

The election should be proof to Republicans and Democrats alike that voters are not entirely focused on parties and will support any candidate that is willing to stand up for the middle class. “Right-to-Work” laws have been a major issue in New Hampshire, which would become the first Northeastern state to pass such a law since the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act in 1947. The issue is becoming a national issue as GOP Presidential candidates praise the wage-lowering laws with hopes of gaining support from the Tea Party Movement.

According to incomplete results given to the Union Leader, Leishman took the towns of Sharon, Peterborough and Greenville, by a tally of 1,260 to 824.


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