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No Friend of Labor: Romney Offers Meddlesome Endorsement of NH Right-to-Work Law

Former Massachusetts Governor and current GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, told Republican voters in Concord that they should be contacting their elected officials and demanding that New Hampshire become a Right-to-Work (RTW) state because, “the labor policy spurs job growth”.

The Concord Monitor reported that Romney said, “It’s pretty clear that those states that have right-to-work legislation are able to add employment.”

This, of course, is blatantly false but it comes as House Speaker William O’Brien is trying to set a new voting date to override NH Governor John Lynch’s veto of RTW legislation which passed in the Granite State statehouse earlier this year. Many GOP members hope that Romney’s words will help them rally the troops and give them the votes needed to pass the wage-crushing policy. However, union leaders continue to speak out passionately about the law.

In a statement released before Romney’s appearance, the president of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO charged that the former Massachusetts governor is only now embracing right-to-work in his attempt to win the presidency.

“If governor Romney had once in his tenure as governor of Massachusetts even suggested that his state become a right-to-work for less state, he may have a shred of credibility on this issue,” union President Mark MacKenzie said. “But to come into our state and pander to the extremist far right by joining them in attacking middle-class working families here, when he never made it an issue in the state he governed, is unconscionable.”

Trying to gain support from a Far Right which rejected him in his 2008 campaign, Romney has rapidly changed his political beliefs to more closely align with fringe Republicans. Romney was quick to assign blame to Barack Obama for all things ailing the economy, but did not want to discuss the $1 million donated to a PAC supportive of his campaign by a New York business that formed, donated, and then quickly folded. The source of the donation was later attributed to Edward Conrad, Romney’s former business partner.

“I think the whole controversy with regards to his contribution sort of disappears when he came forward and said that he was the contributor,” Romney said.

Many fear the incident is indicative of Romney’s ethics. It could be said that Romney’s meddlesome endorsement of a New Hampshire RTW bill runs counter to the small government, leave-it-to-the-states mentality that the GOP alleges to represent. Moreoever, it shows that he is willing to say or do whatever is needed to appease the Right Wing, be it locally or nationally, which could open him up to heightened character scrutiny as the primary election approaches.

To be fair, Romney is not alone in this hypocrisy. Several GOP candidates endorsed RTW during this year’s CNN debate.

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