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New Bill Forces Obama to Make the Keystone XL Call By November 1st

House Republicans have pushed a bill through that would force President Barack Obama to make a decision on the Keystone XL expansion project by November 1st. The project would build a pipeline to deliver 700,000 barrels of Canadian oil per day to Texas to be refined by American companies. It would create tens of thousands of jobs and helping break U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

According to an article from The Hill:

The House passed the bill in a 279-147 vote, mostly along party lines. Forty-seven Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, while three Republicans opposed it. The proposal faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

Many Republicans are frustrated that a bill that would create thousands of jobs and help America get oil from non-Middle Eastern countries is being met with little urgency by the President. They are hoping that, by setting a definite date, the process can be sped up:

“This is a bill that is not only going to create jobs, but it is going to help us break that dependence on foreign oil,” Rep. Bill Shuster, Pennsylvania Republican, told lawmakers. “This important project has been delayed for far too long. The time has come for the president to finally move forward and make a decision.”

Many politicians, the Washington Times piece adds, fear a long delay in American decision-making about Keystone XL will open the door for China to usurp the Canada pipeline deal.

Republicans and Democrats are arguing about the best way to keep the oil out of Chinese hands. Republicans say America should build the pipeline, because if it doesn’t, Canada will deal with China. But Democrats warn that even if the pipeline is built, Canada could bypass the U.S. and send the oil straight to China.


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