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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Tells a Tea Party Leader He Won’t Pursue Right-to-Work

During a meeting of the Ottawa County Tea Party Patriots in Zeeland, Michigan, State Representative Amanda Price reaffirmed what Governor Rick Snyder proclaimed earlier this year to members of the state’s Building Trades unions: that “Michigan is not Wisconsin” and that he will not sign a Right-to-Work (RTW) bill into law.

According to a post on the blog West Michigan Politics, Price was told this in a private conversation she had with Snyder:

“I had a discussion with the Governor and he said he will not sign (Right to Work legislation),” Price said. “It’s off the table.”

Some legislators were confused, thinking the Governor was at least open to it.

“Promises he made to the Carpenters Union,” Agema said. “That’s why. I’d vote for Right to Work.

The article suggests, however, that conservative Tea Party Republicans in the Michigan state house are going to continue to fight for RTW even if they find little support. This kind of symbolic, time-draining, tax-dollar-wasting governance is a tactic the fledgling “party” can’t seem to shake.

With his popularity already suffering following the implementation of anEmergency Financial Manager law that is undercutting union contracts and wages, the Governor has taken a stand against Right-to-Work and promised to not let Michigan collapse into as great a political divide as Wisconsin has. However, Tea Party zealots such as Rep. Joe Haveman have vowed to fight labor blindly:

“The Governor doesn’t get everything he wants,” Haveman said. “Governor Snyder is reluctant. He sees the Wisconsin uproar and doesn’t want that divisiveness in Michigan. This is the last big labor thing. We’ve had a successful few months of taking care of labor issues. (State Rep. Mike) Shirkey is the go to guy on this. You will without a doubt see a resolution introduced. We will start quietly but work diligently. Who do we have? Whose arms need twisting?”



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