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Bachmann: “We no longer have slavery. That’s a good thing.”

We want to focus on Michele Bachmann’s assertion that abolishing the minimum wage will create jobs. We really want to. But, we just can’t get over this whole ‘the Founding Fathers fought tirelessly to end slavery’ bit. Did you miss it? Watch this loon go:

A full transcript of this interview, if you trust your eyes more than your ears, is HERE. The fact that Bachmann feels the need to say — outloud! — that ending slavery was “a good thing,” is, well…just unspeakable. Rather, it should be. This is the ultimate foregone conclusion, the quintessential Captain Obvious decree. As a “party,” the Tea should be steeping in embarrassment.

As for the minimum wage, ABC’s follow up story suggests economists are divided on the impact that destroying already-low personal income in the middle of the worst recession in 75 years would have. Not surprisingly, that divide falls squarely along party lines.

Predictably, the conservative Heritage Foundation defends the bootstraps and business angle, suggesting the freedom to pay workers dismal wages — not to mention a worker’s constitutional right to stand on his own, completely devoid of protections against self-interested actors with God-awful track records of fairness in wildly unregulated markets — is the key moving forward.

From James Sherk, a senior labor and economics policy analyst at the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation:

If it means that you don’t get that first start in the labor market, then you could be on the trajectory for lower wages for your entire career.

Employers are not going to pay workers more than the value they add to the company.

Read the entire ABC piece HERE.


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