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Michigan Democratic Party “Sitting on the Sidelines” During Rick Snyder Recall

The fabulous Michigan website Eclectablog has been hunting down the truth about Rick Snyder, the Benton Harbor Emergency Financial Manager fiasco and assorted Right-Wing wrongs like a rabid basset hound of late. His coverage has gotten him traction with the Rachel Maddow blog.

Now, he’s taking on the Democrats, claiming that he and others have been blindly ignored in their attempts to get the Michigan Democratic Party on board with recall efforts.

In “The Michigan Democratic Party Has Little Tolerance for Dissent” he writes:

I have heard from multiple sources that their phones were burning up and their email boxes jammed with people wanting know WTF and why the MDP was not getting on board with the grassroots movements to recall Governor Rick Snyder along with eight different Republican state House members, as well as the Emergency Financial Manager law repeal. Their Facebook page also was lit up and they started deleting a great deal of the comments they were receiving on that page, asking why they were sitting on the sidelines while the citizens of Michigan were doing all the heavy lifting to try to create some good old-fashioned CHANGE for themselves.

The MDP has changed the landing page for their Facebook page to show only their own posts. To see the dissenting posts that they have not deleted, you must click the “Most Recent” tab.

Later in the article, he notes the difference between the scenarios and reactions in Wisconsin and Michigan:

In Wisconsin, the Democratic Party was not given a choice. They saw the tens of thousands of protesters on the front lawn of their state Capitol building. They saw the national groundswell movement against the type of tyranny represented by the Republican Party today. And they got on board. No equivocation. No dodging the issue. They got on board.

Not so much with the Michigan Democratic Party. They seem to be avoiding this issue at all costs. I reached out to them for an on-the-record comment before writing about their absence in the recall efforts and the Emergency Financial Manager law repeal effort. Like the Snyder recall organizers, I was not even acknowledged. (And, yes, I have proof they received my request.)

Finally, Eclectablog consider the feasability of the MDP getting involved:

…you don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money on this. Some well-timed, well-placed press releases would go a very long way toward supporting these efforts. How about some press conferences where you come out in support of the grassroots leaders who are making this happen? What does that cost? Virtually nothing.

Read the entire super-charged, insightful and emotional call to action HERE.


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