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NH’s Right-to-Work (at McDonald’s) May Get Veto

Shawn Cleary, Business Agent for Ironworkers Local 7 (representing parts of both Massachusetts and New Hampshire), has provided us some detail on the status of New Hampshire’s Right-to-Work legislation, the road to nowhere that has passed the state’s House and Senate. Though Governor John Lynch’s office has promised to veto the anti-worker bill, the votes needed to enforce that veto still hang in the balance:

As you know, the NH House passed HB-474, Right to Work, back in February, by a 221-131 margin. Of the 131 nay votes, 40 of them were from Republican Reps. The bill passed the House with an amendment that removed the union’s responsibility to represent non-fair share payers in the public sector. They could not add such an amendment in the private sector, due to existing federal law.

More recently, the Senate voted to pass the bill by a margin of 16-8. That number was significant, because it represents a 2/3 majority, which means that in the event of the promised gubernatorial veto, we will not likely have enough support to sustain that veto and it will be overridden in the Senate. The Senate version removed the amendment that the House had added, which triggers the necessity for a concurrence vote.

Yesterday, the House had that concurrence vote, to determine if they would accept the Senate version, which dropped the public sector amendment. They voted to accept that version by a margin of 225-140. Of the 140 nays, 47 were Republicans. That is significant, because it suggests that we may have picked up support with House Republicans, due to the amendment being dropped, which brings us into slightly more comfortable ground in the quest for 1/3 plus 1 votes needed to sustain the Governor’s veto. He has 5 days to either sign the bill, veto it or let the bill become law without his signature.

The veto only needs to be sustained in one House in order to kill the bill. One danger that looms is Speaker O’Brien’s ability to call for the override vote during a session when he notices low Democratic attendance. We continue our mission of shoring up support and encouraging those supporters to be in attendance at every session.

Several letters-to-the-editor appear in today’s Seacoast Online:

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