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Rand Rand Paul’s Paul’s…DoubleSpeak

Rand Paul, the son of the Tea Party’s FireStarter, has won the Senate seat in Kentucky and made his first order of business, you guessed it, a boldface lie…an italic flip-flop…an underlined undermine!

Continuing his Tea Party Getting Played series, Our Future blogger Dave Johnson sheds light on Rand Me Down’s clear-cut equivocation of previous campaign promises, swapping out a “ban on wasteful earmark spending in Washington D.C.” (from Paul’s website) for a newfound “fight for Kentucky’s share of earmarks and federal pork” (as told to the Wall Street Journal).

Now that’s what I call mustard slaw.

Johnson, of course, is not the only one reporting this story. The (ahem) Huffington Post ran this thread yesterday as well, to the tune of 5,500 user comments.

This trend will continue. For Johnson’s complete predictions of GOP-Tea Party betrayal click here. Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi expressed a similar outlook for the Powers that Tea (I believe the term he used was castration…) in October.


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