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ACTUAL SURVEY: Nearly 1 in 5 Taiwanese Say High-Speed Rail Has “Saved Romantic Relationships”

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High-Speed Rail (HSR) is a divisive issue. It has turned partisan in some instances, while other battles have been over the union vs. non-union aspect of its construction. News about the future of HSR is guaranteed to draw a strong response from all sides.  And though we’d love to spend some time discussing the benefits of HSR to both the construction industry and society as a whole, it’s easier today to show HSR’s softer side.

See, one of the biggest bonuses of Taiwan’s decision to high-speedify its rails, according to new data, has come in the love department. That’s right, nearly a fifth of the Taiwanese surveyed reported HSR saving a romantic relationship:

The survey polled 1,601 people in 22 cities and counties in Taiwan who use the high speed rail line from Taipei to Kaohsiung. It shows that 17.3 percent said the rail system’s convenience has saved romantic relationships for themselves, their friends or relatives. The 90 minute train ride, which would take four and a half hours with a conventional train, is making up for lost time with lovers. Being able to travel faster is much more convenient and makes it easier to visit your sweetheart more often.

Additionally, the survey shows that train riders can live away from their place of work, are more willing to travel longer distances, and are more willing to visit friends…

As for their dislikes, the riders’ biggest complaints are about people who talk loudly, small children who make noise, people talking on their cell phones, and food smells.

There you have it, folks. The nail in the debate coffin. Information you can use to make a completely informed decision.  HSR doesn’t only improve regional economies and create massive numbers of well-paying jobs, it provides an irreplaceable quality of life boost. It keeps high school sweetheart romances alive. And the negatives? Pretty much limited to smelling someone else eat lunch.  


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