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VIDEO: Romney Speech Proves He’ll Do More Damage to Labor than Bush I, Bush II or Reagan Ever Did

Posting about a video like this is a bittersweet foray. On the one hand, the degree to which Mitt Romney is willing to spew falsehoods regarding organized labor is so outrageous that it must be answered. On the other hand, helping broadcast his smear to even one more viewer (at the time of publication this video had less than 1,000 views), is an uncomfortable task:

Last week, King Liar (<<< not misspelled) spoke about labor and unions in Charlotte, North Carolina and gave the cheering NC GOP, fresh off their victory against homosexuals, new reasons to boo and jeer the truth.

Claiming that President Obama and the Democratic party take “marching orders” from labor union “CEO bosses” — two of Romney’s go-to catchphrases — he tries to place the blame for the country’s economic woes at the working man’s feet.

As we all know, the Democratic party has not been particularly responsive to labor’s interests and the nation’s economic collapse is due largely to unfair tax policy, big bank overreach, and other 1% forces.

Romney makes familiar promises to severely limit the small amount of power still enjoyed by organized labor. He insists he’ll ignore any NLRB decision he doesn’t like, that he’ll end the use of Project Labor Agreements on public works projects (something Obama made possible), and that he’ll push Right-to-Work legislation.

Ask around and you’ll find a disturbing but understandable scenario in many union circles: there remains a good deal of apprehension about President Obama’s re-election bid. But this video is as good reminder as you will find of the necessity of defeating Romney…if preserving organized labor is one’s end goal.

Union members planning on voting for Romney should take note: he will do far more damage to unionism than any of the previous Republican presidents of this generation.


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