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New Comments by Gov. Snyder Give Credence to the Suggestion that RTW Vote-Trading is Going On in Michigan

Yesterday we published a short piece outlining the Chamber of Commerce’s change of heart on “Right-to-Work” legislation in Michigan. They, like Governor Rick Snyder, had previously vocalized disinterest in pursuing the divisive, anti-worker law, but recently came out in favor of it with a groundswell of looney GOP support building.

Now, Snyder, who has repeatedly insisted “Right-to-Work” was not in the interest of the state, appears to be doing the same thing:

Right-to-work is now “on the agenda” at the state Capitol, but no decision has been made on whether to pass such a law, Gov. Rick Snyder said today.

Snyder’s remarks signal a marked departure from his previous stance. For months, the governor said such a law was not on his agenda.

Also in yesterday’s piece were comments from anonymous union sources who suggested vote-trading was going on within the Michigan Capitol in order to leverage “Right-to-Work” versus the unpopular Emergency Financial Manager laws that Snyder and co. passed last year. The EMF law was repealed in November. Snyder’s new comments appear to admit this kind of activity is going on:

He did say that there is a view that unions must put something on the table if right-to-work is not to proceed, after having gone ahead with a collective bargaining ballot proposal against his urging in last month’s election.

“There’s been discussions with people in labor,” he said.

However, “this isn’t just a trade-off or bargaining, per se,” he said. “This is about doing what’s right for the citizens of Michigan.”

Welcome to sunny Lansing, the Flip Flop Capitol of America.


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