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Scott Walker John Doe Update: A Marine Tried to Blow the Whistle but Was Shot Down; GOP Attorney General Refusing to Do His Job

The John Doe investigation that has begun to reveal elicit sexual behavior and theft of military veteran funds by Milwaukee politicians under the watch of now-Governor Scott Walker is taking Wisconsin by storm ahead of a near-certain recall election this summer.

This weekend, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council published a story on their website that suggests a marine tried to speak up against the crony theft of the aforementioned veterans’ funds but was shot down:

When Supervisor John Weishan, a Marine, complained several years ago that Walker was engaged in self-aggrandizement, shutting out the America Legion and the County Board and insisting on creating his own charity effort along with Russell for veterans, Weishan was hooted down as just another liberal politician opposed to Walker’s right-wing vision. So busy were the attackers that they failed to notice what the DA seized on, that Walker created a 501 ( c ) for veterans out of his own elected office, a big warning signal of what could happen to funds from the well-meaning public.

Today, Weishan looks pretty prescient . . . while Walker? It’s as if the preacher’s son was grabbing a nap in the back pew when morality and ethics came up in the pulpit.

Naturally, the investigation is under investigation now, with intentionally blind conservatives attempting to attack Walker’s legal undressing as some sort of partisan stunt. Gasp, the district attorney is a Democrat. But if anybody is partaking in partisan acts of activist process it is the Republican Attorney General who is refusing to assist:

This is why the John Doe probe is important. The left insists there is a hole in his head, but now the right is seeing the big hole in his behavior, the emperor shriveling. John Doe is ripping off invisible garments without partisanship (imagine what talk radio would be saying if the exposed fumbler was a Democrat!).
Milwaukee DA John Chisholm — “simply pursuing the evidence wherever it leads.”

It’s hard for anyone to join conservative talking heads in saying stealing $60,000 from the children of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans is just petty cash.

And it’s impossible to blame the prosecutor for being a Democrat. What is rapidly becoming clear is that Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm is a stubborn straight-shooter when it comes to the law. He doesn’t wink to the left or blink at the anger on the right. He would and has done the same to public officials of any party.

And he has just started, with federal investigators helping after GOP attorney general J.B. Van Hollen declined to assist.


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