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Corps Aren’t the Only Political Agents Abandoning ALEC. Some GA Politicans Have Joined the Fun, Too.

Georgia State Sen., Nan Orrock

KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell owners Yum! joined the ALEC rejection jubilee yesterday, but monolith companies aren’t the only political agents fleeing the American Legislative Exchange Council post haste. Their unpopular and aggressive platform is now being roundly rejected by some legislators who are making pledges to never join or opting to jump ship. Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock released a statement explaining her decision to leave the group:

“As a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council for several years, having joined ALEC with the primary goal of better understanding the corporate-dominated organization, I know first-hand that ALEC is not the innocuous organization it claims to be. 
ALEC is underwritten by corporate dollars to push corporate financial interests that disadvantage middle-class and working families. This group enrolls state legislators to promote its radical legislation in state after state, creating the false illusion of public support for its dangerous agenda. ALEC promotes legislation that suppresses voter participation, undermines state budgets and services, and impedes democracy. 
With my departure, Georgia’s delegation to ALEC can no longer claim to be bi-partisan. Any lawmaker who cares more about Georgia residents than multi-national corporations should leave the group. We need to be focusing on real solutions for our state, not fanning the flames of wedge-issue politics.”

The political group Better Georgia is asking politicians and candidates to pledge to never join ALEC and many are answering the call. Besides Orrock, other pledging lawmakers include Rep. Elena Parent (D-81), Rep. Scott Holcomb (D-82), Rep. Earnest Smith (D-122), and Rep. Winfred Dukes (D-150). Tellingly, mere candidates, including Jason Esteves, candidate for House District 53 and Ronnie Mabra, candidate for House District 63, are feeling the need to disavowing the extremist organization before seeking election. Bryan Long, executive director of Better Georgia, notes that despite the pledges, much must be done about the politicians who will refuse to abandon ALEC:

“ALEC sits at the table with legislators to write our laws without our knowledge. There is no room for this organization to operate in the shadows of our government. There is no legitimate defense for any lawmaker to work with ALEC.”

A a complete list of Georgia’s ALEC-associated legislators is provided on the Better Georgia website.


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