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ALEC Removes Journalist from Oklahoma City Event After Distributing “Anti-ALEC Photos” Document

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) recently met in Oklahoma City to talk about things progressives hate. But when attendees arrived they were greeted by something progressives love: hundreds of protesters.

The “ALEC is not OK” campaign managed to roundup over 600 anti-ALEC participants for a successful action. The real story of the conference, though, was the discovery of journalist profiling by ALEC in the form of an Most Wanted List titled “OKC Anti-Alec Photos.” This list, complete with pictures of happy, smiling folks who disagree with ALEC, was intended to facilitate the identification and removal of opposing views from.

The Center for Media and Democracy’s Nick Surgey made the cut and talked about his interaction with ALEC officials and the Oklahoma City police after he was “accidentally” given press credentials.

Center for Media and Democracy Research Director Nick Surgey obtained press credentials at the ALEC registration desk. As he ascended the escalator towards the room where Governor Fallin was speaking, though, he was spotted by two ALEC staffers, and within minutes approached by a uniformed Oklahoma City police officer.

“I need those credentials,” the officer said.

“I registered,” Surgey replied.

“No, you didn’t,” said a female ALEC staffer, who was accompanying the officer.

“I did, downstairs,” he said.

“It was…you shouldn’t have been able to.”

The reason Surgey shouldn’t have been allowed to register, according to the ALEC staffer:

“Because we know who you are.”

In a matter of minutes Surgey had his press credential revoked and was removed from the event by police.

Among the event protesters were firefighters, teachers, environmentalists and church leaders who object to ALEC’s role in government. Their model legislation has been used to implement an anti-labor agenda nationwide. International Association of Fire Fighters President Harold Schaitberger gave a speech at the protest saying ALEC’s “sole purpose is to develop the most anti-worker, anti-employee, anti-union, anti-middle class, pro-business, pro corporation policies, legislation and agenda possible.” The speech preceeded a march through the streets of Oklahoma City.

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