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Media Completely Ignores Vital, Bipartisan Vote In Support of Davis-Bacon Act Wage Protections

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The political news cycle tends to highlight stories that lean the furthest to the left or right, thus leaving out the quite occasional and incredibly rational bipartisan center. This does little to embolden our sense of hope about progress being made.  But as has been the case on multiple occasions the past couple years, the issue of the Davis-Bacon Act — which has for decades protected workers’ wages on federally-funded construction projects — offers a glimmer of collaborative hope. Last week, 36 Republicans joined a three-digit chorus of Democrats to send a hurtful, anti-worker amendment packing.

The final tally was 231-192 opposing Iowa tea party zealot Rep. Steve King’s attempt to destroy the Davis-Bacon Act. This was just two votes shy of 2011′s resounding 233-189 defeat of a similarly ideological ploy.  That bill was King’s, too.  

When he isn’t complaining about President Obama’s relationship with Tim Tebow or comparing immigrants to dogs, Steve King is devoting time and energy to attacking workers at the behest of the Political Action Committees that fund his crazy train.

It’s surprising that the media doesn’t pay more attention to votes like this one given the divide this issue exposes among Republicans. After all, one-time VP candidate Paul Ryan voted with workers last week.

Perhaps, if Ryan and Romney had won the election before he voiced his support for Davis-Bacon wages the media would pay attention. Luckily, we’ll never know.


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