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TODAY IN WOW: MI Gov. Rick Snyder Suggests “Right-to-Work” Is Not “Relevant” to Michigan Economy

THIS JUST IN: “Right-to-Work” doesn’t really matter.

At least that’s what Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder would suddenly like us to believe. During a speech to the Michigan Press Association, Snyder suggested his recent signing of “Right-to-Work” legislation has nothing to do with jobs or the economy despite the propagation of this myth by its supporters.

“Over 90 percent of the jobs that you’re looking at aren’t going to be in a situation where “Right-to-work” is even relevant,” Snyder said in the hotel’s Ambassador Ballroom. “Let’s keep in mind what the economy is really about. Why not embrace the great things going on and be more positive?

Well, smack me on the ass and call me Anne Arbor! I could have sworn, based on the Michigan GOP’s prior gallavanting/assertions, that “Right-to-Work” was absolutely fundamental to Michigan “staying competitive” and bringing all of the best businesses and workers to the fore? Now it’s not even relevant?

Eclectablog‘s response pretty much sums it up:

I’m not sure which is more galling, the fact that he is admitting the Right to Work isn’t an economic issue (which it is not) or his suggestion that, after all of the attacks on union members and the poor and the middle class in Michigan, we should all just go lie down by our bowl and be quiet.

As Eclectablog notes, this admission by Snyder is somewhat of a back-handed vindication for worker-supportive groups who beseeched lawmakers in the state to quit lying about the economic impact of “Right-to-Work.” Only, it would have been nice to receive this injection of truth serum before the political knee-capping of unions took place during the lame duck session.


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