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Missouri ALEC Co-Chair on Wages in RTW States: “Sure They Go Down” (VIDEO)

Missouri ALEC Co-Chair on Wages in RTW States:
  In a video unveiled by Progress Missouri, State Senator/ALEC Co-chair Ed Emery admits that “Right-to-Work” laws would mean lower wages for Missourians. But don’t get your hopes up: this is a gotcha moment, not a rejection of anti-worker policy. For Emery, “Right-to-Work” is all about bringing more jobs to Missouri. This…

MO Lt. Gov. Threatens “Right-to-Work” Hail Mary, Wants Issue on the Ballot to Prevent Nixon Veto

MO Lt. Gov. Threatens
  In Missouri, a bevy of anti-worker bills such as “paycheck deception” and “Right-to-Work” have failed to make it past the desk of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon over the last year. But the Show-Me State GOP is not to be deterred. The push for “Right-to-Work” will simply employ a different strategy this time around, according [&hellip…;

MO Gov. Vetoes Harmful “Paycheck Deception” Bill, Union Dues Collection to Continue

  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has vetoed a harmful “paycheck protection” bill which would have forced union members to give annual consent for automatic paycheck deductions.  The bill, SB 29, is unlikely to garner enough votes for an override considering 19 House Republicans joined Democrats in opposing it when it initially passed the…