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INTERACTIVE MAP: Scott Walker Receiving Just 38% of His Donations from Wisconsinites

  A new interactive map shows an influx of out-of-state donations coming Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s way since he enacted his trademark, anti-union piece of legislation, Act 10, in February of 2011. The Capital Times reveals what many of us lamented during the Walker Recall — that the Governor’s support comes not from his home…

New WI Union Numbers Reveal Brutal Implications of Walker’s Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

New WI Union Numbers Reveal Brutal Implications of Walker's Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill
  Two years after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union Act 10 became law, the numbers show that this signature piece of legislative overreach has had its intended effect: draining unions of their members and therefore their resources.   Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows that tens of thousands of workers have left…