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“I Called the Migra on You Guys”: Seattle Contractor Sentenced for Exploiting Undocumented Workers

  A Seattle contractor has been sentenced to three months in jail and fined $10,000 for breaking prevailing wage laws and abusing employees by reporting them to immigration when they asked to be correctly paid.  The contractor, Dathan Williams, had landed more than $1.1 million in contracts from the government before an investigation, which…

IL Supreme Court Escapes Legal Tangle, Rules E.R.H. Utilities is Contractor, Must Pay Prevailing Wages

  The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled unanimously against an E.R.H. Utilities claim that the company was exempt from paying prevailing wages for utility work it did for the village of Bement. E.R.H.’s argument that it was a public utility as defined by the Utilities Act was based on its upkeep of the village’s potable [&hellip…;

Another PLA-Free Veterans Affairs Project Falls Victim to Crummy Contractor, Is Under Investigation

  Another Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) project is stuck in its tracks after refusing to use a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for its construction.  This time, veterans in Butler County, Pennsylvania will be the victims of mismanagement. The VA has halted construction on the $75 million outpatient center to allow the federal government…