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They Don’t Want You to Vote: Array of GOP Tactics Still In Use to Quash Minority Voting Participation

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Voter suppression is alive and well in GOP country.

In Wisconsin, a federal district court judge has ordered the state to investigate the DMV and its voter ID process. The court order follows recent revelations regarding minority voters who were denied voter IDs despite providing the necessary documentation to the DMV. Wisconsin law requires voter certification to be delivered within six days:

“DMV personnel have provided incorrect information to persons who have applied for Wisconsin IDs for voting,” [Judge James] Peterson wrote. “These reports, if true, demonstrate that the state is not in compliance with this court’s injunction order, which requires the state to ‘[p]romptly issue a credential valid as a voting ID to any person who enters the IDPP or who has a petition pending.’”

[…] The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit upheld Wisconsin’s voter-ID law based on the premise that the state would make IDs accessible to every eligible voter—which it is clearly not doing.

For perspective, 300,000 registered voters in Wisconsin do not have valid ID. That’s 9% of the electorate. Many of those voters are minorities.

In Ohio, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted decided that over one million of the state’s 7.7 million voters wouldn’t be mailed absentee ballots. That includes 650,730 who recently changed their address and 385,065 who did not vote in 2012 or 2014. The 1,035,795 voters who did not receive absentee ballots make up 13% of the electorate:

“Having already been ordered by the federal appeals court that he cannot discriminate against voters who do not regularly vote, Secretary Husted again is discriminating against 385,065 voters who do not regularly vote,” said Cleveland attorney Subodh Chandra, who has mounted several legal challenges against the secretary of state.

“Yet again he skews the electorate against minority, poorer and working-class voters who do not participate as frequently, but who should be equally invited to participate in our democracy.”

Elsewhere in the country, shenanigans persist despite numerous court orders requiring the softening of voter restrictions:

Texas issued misleading information after the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ordered the state to soften its voter-ID law and counties in North Carolina cut early voting after the Fourth Circuit restored early voting days.

The Nation puts it plainly, saying: “Republicans like Scott Walker seem to believe that suppressing the vote is the only way they can win.”


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