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Elizabeth Warren at MN DFL Dinner: Ted Cruz Would Have Tried to Repeal the Declaration of Independence

Photo credit: Tim Pierce [original here]

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Few Democratic party stars are shining as bright as Elizabeth Warren’s, and her speech at the 2014 Minnesota DFL Humphrey-Mondale dinner will only make it shine brighter.

Recent polling shows Warren is the “hottest” of possible 2016 presidential candidates in spite of her insistence that she will not be running for the office.

In her speech, which can be seen in the video below, Warren shows her ability to connect with working Americans through simple messaging.  The intellectual Warren always seems to have an answer, rarely at a loss for a perfectly worded response.  Perhaps this is why she is gaining ground in the American political landscape and cutting through typical political jargon with concise, realistic solutions.  

What takes her to another level, however, is her humor, which plays perfectly into the absurd and myopic nature of modern American politics.  During the Humphrey-Mondale dinner she touched on the Tea Party and its de facto leader Ted Cruz’s penchant for obstructionism:

I sometimes think that if Ted Cruz had been around for the Declaration of Independence, he would have tried to repeal it, because Jefferson was a Democrat. If he’d been around for the Federalist Papers, he would have tried to toss those out too, because Madison spent too much time talking to Jefferson. And don’t even get Ted Cruz started on the Humphrey-Mondale Dinner. As we speak, he’s off somewhere strategizing on how to repeal the salad course!

Watch the speech below:


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