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Small Biz Owner In Walker Ad Actually a Billionaire Outsourcer, Member of China Business Council

As progressive Wisconsinites approach the necessary number of signatures to force a recall election of Governor Scott Walker, the man known best for union-busting and prank phone call gumpsmanship is making his case for Wisconsin being a better business environment since he took office. It is a tough case to make considering that Wisconsin has led the nation in job losses for five consecutive months. Despite this absolute truth, Walker has been releasing ads touting his accomplishments and abilities.

This ad shows a “small business” owner talking about how Scott Walker is a friend to the small businessman. But as popular Wisconsin blog UppityWis notes, “Chris” is Chris Rebholz, owner of TriStar Products, a company specializing in outsourcing jobs to China. TriStar Products makes all of the useless items you see on TV infomercials…and they make them in China. In fact, Rebholz likes working with China so much that he is on the China Business Council. From UppityWis:

…the reality is that Wisconsin is hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs almost exclusively to China. And when customers buy from a TV ad or online, it also requires fewer jobs to get that product to the customer because there is no store and the jobs that go with a store.

In other words, if you were going to set up a business model with the fewest American jobs possible, it would be Chris Rebholz’s business model. That’s the guy… that Scott Walker chose to promote his job creation efforts.

Rebholz was able to set up such a good system for importing Chinese trinkets, selling them on TV or online, and then mailing them out to people that he’s gone to other businesses and offered up his expertise of getting a product, made cheap in China, and to the hands of the American consumer with the fewest American jobs possible.

Americans are growing tired of the “big business” megalomania that has come to represent the Right. Walker is a product of this mindset, someone so engulfed in ideology that it is difficult to tell if he even thinks he is lying anymore.

And sure, in these ads Walker is telling a special version of the truth. If you are the kind of company that makes cheap products in China and has them sent here to sell wholesale then yes, Governor Walker’s economic policies may work for you. But Wisconsin’s firefighters, police officers and public employees aren’t willing to take anymore bullets for the likes of Chris Rebholz. states the obvious, that having someone like Rebholz tout your economic policy might be foolish.

Yes, you heard that right folks- Walker’s job-promotin’ carny barker helps companies with their “downsizing.”

Here’s the kicker, though: Rebholz is also a member of the “China Business Council” which features on their logo a Chinese flag placed in front and almost completely covering-up the American flag below it.

As the name suggest, the Chinese Business Council helps facilitate the manufacturing of products in China and then selling them in the United States.

The problem with being a 1% flunky is that you only gain support from the 1%, leaving 99% of Wisconsinites wondering if their Governor has their best interests in mind. Having a billionaire who has made his money outsourcing jobs to China does little to strengthen Walker’s case. But hey, Walker and Rebholz are a match made in Heaven. After all, Rebholz is familiar with recalls, too. In 2007 his Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill was recalled for being a fire hazard.


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  1. Chaz – get your facts straight brotha. It’s fools like you who print stories that are not based on fact. Do your Homework before you go running your mouth. Chris doesn’t own TriStar Products, has nothing to do with TriStar Products and has never marketed, sold or distributed the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill. Do your homework you Moron, I can’t believe I just wasted 2 mins. Of my life reading your crap and responding. Merry Xmas – ya Schmuck!

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